Pet Conditions

Animals & Pets
We welcome well behaved pets at our pet-friendly properties, only if pre-arranged and approved by COAST & COUNTRY GETAWAYS.
An $80 fee will apply per animal.
The guest must agree to our pet-friendly Terms and Conditions when a booking is confirmed, and please be advised that any damages caused will be deducted from the bond.
Permission for pets is provided on a case by case basis.

Guests must ensure their pet:

  • Is groomed to avoid excessive shedding of pet hair.
  • Is clean prior to entering the house, to avoid dirty marks and pet smells in the property.
  • Has had up to date worming, flea treatments and vaccinations.
  • Has had nails trimmed to avoid scratches to the floors and furnishings.
  • Does not jump up on beds, furniture or rugs (indoors or outdoors).
  • Is not left unattended as excessive barking may result in complaints from neighbours. If noise complaints are received and the pet cannot be quietened, guests will be required to remove the dog from the property at their own expense.
  • Please bring your own pet bed for them to sleep outside (or in laundry).
  • Please ensure you leave the property free of any pet hair and you are also required to clean up the garden after your pet, including picking up and removing excrement. If there is any evidence of the pet having been in the property, we will need to charge you additional cleaning and/or dry-cleaning fees.
  • Please note that although the property may be described as fenced, the fencing may not be adequate for your pet and therefore we cannot guarantee your dog’s safety.  You must take full responsibility for keeping your pet safe during your stay.

Additional cleaning charges may apply should pet hair, urine, excretment, fleas or any evidence (including smell) of the pet is left behind when guests leave. It is advised for pets to wear tick/flea collars to avoid bringing or picking up ticks/fleas to/from the area.

COAST & COUNTRY GETAWAYS accepts no responsibility for death of, loss of, injury or sickness to pets during the accommodation period – full and sole responsibility for the pet and its actions lie with the pet owner, and upon acceptance of terms and conditions the guest agrees that no legal action (including payment of veterinary accounts) will be taken against the landlord/agent, and that no discussion will be entered into. Please be aware that some properties have not been designed to be pet-friendly.