Terms & Conditions

House Rules

(these form part of your Terms and Conditions)

Guests must comply with the Booking Terms and Conditions including these House Rules and any other reasonable instructions from us. If the property is located on the Mornington Peninsula, then the guest must also agree to and comply with all the short terms stay code of conduct rules listed below:

Mornington Peninsula short stay code of conduct:

  1. Between 11pm and 7am, you are only entitled to quiet enjoyment of the property.
  2. Between 11pm and 7am there is to be NO NOISE. Outdoor areas, including spas, pools, outdoor decking or balconies are NOT to be used at all.
  3. At any time, there is to be no loud,
    • Aggressive behaviour,
    • Yelling, screaming and arguing,
    • Cheering, clapping and singing,
    • Music
  1. All guest cars are to be parked off the street or parked in areas that do not impact neighbours.
  2. Additional accommodation is not allowed on site such as, tens, caravans or campervans.
  3. No excess Rubbish is to be left at the property
  4. No extra guests, visitors are allowed at property

If a complaint due to non-compliance of above or excessive noise or anti-social behaviour is received, security will be dispatched to investigate and may result in a $200 call-out charge. A report will be received by the COAST & COUNTRY GETAWAYS office with information as to whether a fee has been charged. This fee will be taken from the guest’s security deposit and is non-negotiable.

If a second security call-out with fee payable is received at any time during a guest’s stay, all guests at the premises will be evicted from the premises by security without refund of rent or bond.


General House rules:

  1. You must notify us of any disputes or complaints from neighbours as soon as is practicable.
  2. Please advise us if any changes are required to televisions and/or pool and spa settings and we will endeavour to arrange for these with the Property owner.  Please do not make any changes yourself as this may damage the equipment (which may incur a cost to you).
  3. Guests must not create noise that is offensive to occupiers of neighbouring properties at any time but especially between 10 pm and 8 am and during arrival and departure at any time throughout the occupancy.
  4. Offensive noise is prohibited and may result in termination of permission to occupy the Property, eviction, loss of fees paid and extra charges for security and other expenses that may be deducted from your security bond.
  5. Guests must not engage in anti-social behaviour and must minimise their impact upon the residential amenity of neighbours and local community.
  6. Guests are not permitted to host visitors (persons other than Guests) at the Property without our prior written consent.
  7. The Property must not be used for the hosting of any parties, celebrations gatherings or functions of any sort.
  8. Guests must comply with parking regulations and show consideration to neighbours and other vehicles.
  9. Specific parking arrangements for the Property (if any) will be set out in your check in information and must be complied with.
  10. No tents or caravans are allowed on or around the Property.
  11. All rubbish must be placed in the bins provided (but bins must not be overflowing).  Rubbish must not be left in public or common areas and will not be collected from the roadside if not inside the bin.
  12. Bins must be put out the night before the local collection AND upon your departure.  Check local council website or collection dates and times.
  13. Recycling bins are collected every second Monday.  We ask that during summer, weekends and peak periods, you only ½ fill the recycling bin, leaving the other half for the next tenant on this fortnightly collection service.
  14. Please remove any excess garbage and recycling from the Property upon departure.
  15. Bins left overflowing and any excess garbage or recycling left behind will incur a removal charge of $65.00 + G.S.T. per bag/box which will be deducted from your security bond.
  16. Whenever you are absent from the property, please close all windows and doors to maintain security and prevent rain and water damage.