Airbnb Beach House Property Management in Melbourne

Have you got a property that you’d like to rent out for short-term stays but don’t have the time to manage it? You can make managing your Melbourne property easier by using an Airbnb property management company to make life easier for you.

Not only is it time consuming to keep a property clean and tidy but you might not live close enough to the property to be able to get it ready for the next guests. For example, properties on the Mornington Peninsula or Great Ocean Road are close to Melbourne, but it’s not really feasible to drive there and back multiple times a week when you have your regular job and family to manage as well.

In this guide, we’ll answer all your property management questions including:

– What is property management?

– What does an Airbnb property management company do?

– How do you choose an Airbnb management company?

– What services do Airbnb management companies offer?

– What does a property manager do?

What is property management?

After you have purchased your investment property, you’ll need to decide whether you will manage the property yourself or you will employ a property manager to help you. Often hiring a property manager is worthwhile even just for understanding the legal jargon and dealing with everyday property issues.

They can also make sure you receive regular income, gain capital growth, the best returns and excellent customer service. This is es

What does an Airbnb property management company in Melbourne do?

Airbnb property management companies deal with short-term rentals. This can include everything from listing your property online, housekeeping, booking management, guest communication, price and revenue optimisation.

Unless you have plenty of time on your hands, you probably don’t have time to drop keys off for each guest, clean the property between guests and deal with any issues that the guests may have. Hiring a property management company takes the pressure off you.

How do you choose an Airbnb management company in Melbourne?

Speak to a few different companies to decide what suits your needs. Each Airbnb management company will charge different fees and offer different services. The Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV) provides details of members who have property management skills, but it’s not compulsory for an estate agent to be a member.

Companies that are cheaper aren’t always the best option, as you need to consider the quality of their services too. Services that are done cheaply can result in unhappy guests which can hurt you financially in the long run.

What services do Airbnb management companies in Melbourne offer?

While the services that Airbnb management companies offer vary, below are some that you should consider depending on what your needs are.

Housekeeping and maintenance

There’s big competition when it comes to short-term accommodation especially in areas such as the Mornington Peninsula that has many holiday homes. While you may find it easy to get plenty of bookings during high season, it’s during the low season that the best properties get chosen.

People read reviews left by previous guests and cleanliness of a property is usually highly valued. So short-term rental accommodation with lots of five-star reviews is much more likely to get booked than others. People are also happier to pay more for accommodation that is clean, supply high quality linen, fresh towels and toiletries for guests.

Guest management

Keeping everybody happy is no mean feat, and sometimes guests will experience issues. Unless you’re happy to take phone calls from guests at all hours of the day or night, it’s important to find a property management company that has a support line that your guests can call when they need to speak to someone.

Pricing and marketing

Even if you’re a good writer, you may not know what features of a property will best attract guests to that local area. Property management companies have done the research and know what people are looking for and how to talk up your property. They also know what the rental property market looks like and what will get you the best returns.


Unless you’re an interior decorator, furnishing a property may not be your forte. The right style and feel of a house can be critical in attracting guests. Many property management companies have property stylists who can furnish your house to make it as appealing as possible, so the photos stand out when people are searching online.

What does a property manager do?

A property manager handles the daily operations, maintenance and administration work of a property rental for the homeowner. This can include many tasks including marketing, finding renters, making sure rates are competitive and complying with rental laws. For short-term rentals, property managers also deal with guest communication and housekeeping.


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