Everything you need to know about the Pros and Cons of owning a beach house


What are the pros and cons of owning a beach house? Are there even cons to owning a beach house?

After all, who wouldn’t want to be woken up by the sound of the waves and have their morning walks by the beach? Owning a beach house would definitely make those dreams a reality. A beach house for most people is seen as an escape from reality for the weekend or retirement home.

A decision to own one could at times be an emotional one not taking the financial and economic implications into account. But it’s definitely important to look at the pros and cons of owning a beach house before actually signing that contract.

Pros Of Owning A Beach House

Health Benefits

‘Thalassotherapy’ is meant to have great health benefits. It involves using seawater, salty ocean climate, and spa therapy to improve overall health and well-being. Ailments like body ache, skin conditions, and backache are reduced with the immersion of seawater, algae, and sea mud. Living by the ocean is also a form of antidepressant, increases Vitamin D, aids the cardiovascular system, and decreases respiratory problems.


Owning a beach house and then retiring is a good way to spend the last few years by the beach. Renting out the beach house initially before retirement is a good way to earn extra income and then move into your beach home.

The Perfect Location

A beach house is perfect no matter the location and nothing can change that. Most people pay to stay in a beach house but owning one removes that cost, booking issues, parking, or traffic issues. The family can benefit the most from spontaneous trips building memories.

Alternative income

Renting out a beach house property during the peak season is a great source of income that could cover the mortgage payments. The demand to rent out beach houses is high and should not be a problem even during the spring in some areas. Renting out a beach property is not only an income stream but there are tax benefits where expenses like marketing costs, property taxes, property management fees can be written off after consulting with real estate agents or necessary authorities.

Cons Of Owning A Beach House

Rust & Dampness

Beach house properties often have furniture turn rusted and prone to corrosion. Water and salty air tends to cause the steel within the house rust. Hence its important to have either stainless steel or galvanised steel instead of metal to avoid corrosion and rust. This helps lower the maintenance cost as well. Sea-facing properties will always be damp due to the weather leading to defects within the house. Sand on the beach is good but not within the property. Be sure to have a vacuum within the property.

High Cost & Maintenance

Owning a beach house property comes with high costs and maintenance. Real estate costs are always higher for beach properties as compared to other locations. The interest on a mortgage will also be a premium due to demand for beach houses and its location. Not only do costs increase but maintenance of the property due to the dampness and rust from the sea breeze as discussed earlier can increase your cost too.

Property management

Owning a beach house to rent can not only be an additional income stream but hiring a property management company to do that would increase costs. Renting out your property is better if you don’t live locally and visit occasionally. Property management firms usually charge between 6% – 8% of all rental income plus GST. The cost varies depending on the location of the property and has extra charges as well. An alternative would be to manage the beach house yourself that could cut costs.

Owning a beach house is an attainable dream as long as the financial aspect is covered. The ultimate beach house will cost you time, effort, and money hence making the right decision after looking at each factor carefully is necessary. If owning a beach house might not be feasible as you thought, Coast and Country Getaways have got you covered with some beautiful beach house accommodations for the perfect weekend.

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