Holiday Rental Management Fees in Melbourne: Our Guide

The Mornington Peninsula is the perfect location for owning a holiday rental property. However, owning a holiday rental property is not an easy feat. Holiday rental properties require constant marketing in order to attract customers as well as management to ensure their satisfaction during a stay.

While it is possible to be a DIY holiday rental property manager, this comes with many challenges that can leave property owners drained both physically and financially. Hiring a professional holiday rental manager removes many of the pressures that come from managing a holiday rental property.

At Coast and Country Getaways, we pride ourselves on providing holiday rental property owners with first-rate property management, including our professional services as well as fees that are fair and competitive.

What Holiday Rental Management Fees Do Coast and Country Getaways Charge?

  • Our current management fee is 18% of the total income collected from each short stay tenant.
  • There are also some initial set up and maintenance fees and registration with the Mornington Peninsula Shire. These fees entitle the owner to all of our services including:
  • A comprehensive property listing on our website, allowing your property to be seen globally by our wide customer base in real time, including listings on 3rd party channels such as Airbnb, and Stayz.
  • Assistance and professional advice in setting up your property for rental, including the pricing and marketing strategy, using our property management software.
  • Further guidance and assistance in maintaining your property, such as engaging cleaning and gardening specialists (at an additional cost) to keep it at our quality standard.
  • Our dedicated team who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and share extensive industry knowledge cultivated over a decade.

What are the Benefits of Getting your Beach House Holiday Rental Managed Professionally?

Renting out a beachside property for holiday makers can be a very profitable venture. However, the benefits of this investment are not guaranteed. They predicate on a process that involves:

  1. constant attention from the preparation and maintenance of the property;
  2. marketing of the accommodation and it’s unique features; and
  3. navigation of third-party channel regulations.

Failure to meet the variable demands of the industry results in wasted time, effort and money.

Paying for a professional to aid in the management of a rental property might seem like an unnecessary cost at first, but it is the kind of payment that can reduce investment risks over the long term. Managing a property involves several time and money consuming tasks such as cleaning, repairs, stocking amenities, vetting renters etc. With so many tasks to complete, it is easy to become overwhelmed as a DIY holiday rental property manager.

In addition to the preparation and maintenance of the property itself, marketing is very important. The less time that the property spends vacant, the better. Using our knowledge of digital advertising strategies coupled with our innovative marketing software, we help your property reach a global audience.

With the support of our professional and experienced team we can offer assistance to make it easier to advertise your property to interested renters. So you can focus on the preparation and maintenance of your property while we help you adapt to the changes of the market and keep your property at the forefront of the holiday trade, avoiding unnecessary costs.

Contact the team at Coast and Country Getaways so we can use our experience and dedication to get your property the occupants that it deserves.